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RPG Professionals

Role-playing gaming and related services by and for professionals.

We provide professional RPG consulting and specialized professional events to make your professionals more effective and keep your organization ahead of the competition.

Organizations wishing to use role-playing games to train their professionals, executives, sales teams, or others. We provide the professionals needed to make the most of these powerful team building exercises.

RPG Education
RPG Parties

RPG Parties

You and your friends can enjoy an amazing adventure through role-playing games. Tabletop, live-action, or electronic game options available.

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RPG Therapeutics provides therapeutic services to a wide range of populations from ages 2 years old through adult seniors, including special needs populations.

RPG Education

Want to learn more about role-playing games?

Are you an educator wishing to integrate RPGs into your curricula?

Want online training to become a certified RPG professional?

RPG Education dba provides more than 100 online and on site courses to achieve these goals.

RPG Publishers dba

RPG Publishers dba offers professional publications and publishing services related to role-playing game professionals.


RPG Jobs

This site lists positions available for volunteer and paid RPG Professional opportunities around the world.