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RPG Therapeutics LLC draws upon more than 30 years of experience and research information on the effects of role-playing games in creating program plans to help clients achieve educational and therapeutics goals.

In developing our program plans, we draw upon the growing body of research related to the effects of role-playing games (RPGs) for a broad range of populations and needs. Trainees include people from a broad range of services from psychology & psychiatry, to nurses, many kinds of therapists, etc.

In addition to offering standardized workshops providing baseline training and certification, we also provide on-site consultation to help professionals and/or facilities develop custom program plans that best match their needs.

While we primarily develop our programs using Recreation Therapy & Therapeutic Recreation methodologies which incorporate the holistic approach of a bio-psycho-social understanding of a client's needs, we also draw upon other disciplines including: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Exposure Therapy, Play Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, & Music Therapy. These are just a few of the "alternative" therapy approaches drawn upon to optimize the benefits from using RPGs as intervention modalities.

If you are a healthcare professional that does not have previous experience with RPGs, but see the potential value of adding these modalities into your practice, we have specific training and certification programs for healthcare professional to help expedite the learning process, condensing decades of experience into these in-depth workshops.

If you are an experienced role-playing gamer (RPGer), and a healthcare professional, but not sure how to combine your skills into a program for your facility, we can provide consultation to guide you through the process specifically for your practice, or we can participate in some of our more advanced training and certification courses to help fill in those blanks in merging to two domains together as effectively as possible.

We also take a very "open source" approach to the sharing of knowledge, so if you wish to perform the research yourself, to create your own programs, check out the RPG Research Project website, where there are some great resources to help get you started.

Hawke Robinson Presenting at Seattle Children's Hospital 2015Hawke Speaking at WorldCon 73 / Sasuan 2015 on RPGs for Therapy & EducationThe research is from a broad range of disciplines, including bio-psycho-social approaches.

Using relevant evidence-based and theory-based approaches, guided by various professional disciplines'  methodologies and drawing upon 30+ years of research on the various forms of role-playing games as an intervention modality to achieve clients' specific therapeutic goals. 


Here are some research summary pages sorting information by specific disciplines:


Also consider consulting the Role-Playing Game Therapy Handbook of Practice (still under development, but shared with the public):

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